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Replacing or repairing your roof is a major investment. It's in your best interest to set aside some time to thoughtfully research the available Connecticut roof contractors to find the one that is the best fit for your project.

Most Hartford roofing companies are honest and dependable. They are interested in doing a good job for a reasonable cost. And they want their company to grow and hope to actually still be in business 10 years from now. But there are some outfits who may be more interested in doing a quick job with the cheapest materials they can find, hope that they did everything right and quickly move on to the next job or maybe even get out of the business all together when they find a better offer.

How do you weed out the bad contractors from the good? Here are a few questions to ask any Hartford roofing company you are considering:

1. Are you a licensed contractor? They should provide you their number.

2. Do you have insurance that will cover your employees if they get hurt on the job or if one of them damages your home?

3. Do you have a permanent place of business?

4. Do you have a list of client references that I can contact?

5. Will your employees be doing the job or will you be sub-contracting the work to someone else?

Roofing Contractor at WorkThe Better Business Bureau recommends that you get three bids before you make a decision. Once you select a contractor, make sure that the written contract spells out everything you discussed — the specific materials to be installed, the labor, the manufacturer's guarantee, the contractor's warranty, when payment is due and when work will begin.

If you take the time to select the right contractor, you will end up with a professionally installed, top-quality roof that will last for years. Here are some Hartford County contractors to consider:

C.G. Bostwick are contractors and renovation specialists who maintain, repair and install new tile, slate, and copper roofing. They also install and restore built-up and single-ply flat roofs on commercial buildings.

Crisma Construction specializes in framing, roofing, siding, house remodeling and painting in Connecticut, especially the areas of Glastonbury, Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Middletown, West Hartford, Bristol and Newington.

M. Dzen Roofing Company, Inc. offers a complete line of services for residential low slope roofing projects to major commercial and industrial work.

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Roof contractors in Hartford are available for your research. You can find some of the better qualified and affordable local Connecticut firms.
Hartford roof company could be just the right local firm to size up your remodeling project and get the work done right the first time (maybe even on budget too).
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Hartford roofing service can give you an estimate on shingles, materials and labor, plus a general timeline as to when they can get started and when they'll get done.
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